Val Demings is going places


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Representative Val Demings (Democrat-Florida) is a star. We know that, as evidenced by her brutal takedown of Gym Jordan. But we knew it before even that. Simply put, Demings is a dream candidate.

And now it looks like she is possibly taking her candidacy to the next level.

Per Politico and other Outlets, Demings is giving serious thought to either challenging Senator Marco Rubio (Robot-Insurrection Party-Florida) for his Senate seat or challenging Governor Ron DeSantis (Covid denier-Republican-Florida.)

This is exciting news. Demings is a compelling candidate with a deeply moving backstory. She is also strong, sassy, and not afraid of taking on idiotic GOP members such as the ones mentioned above.

She is also a former Police Chief, so the Republicans cannot use the “Democrats hate the Police” garbage. And she drives a motorcycle. What more could any Democrat want?

I want to share something. When President Biden was mulling over his VP list, I was seriously looking at Demings. This is not to take anything away from Vice President Harris, whom I adore and am glad Biden chose. But Demings has that intangible quality, the “it” factor, and I liked her story and felt she would make a great VP.

And she will make a wonderful Governor or Senator if she decides to throw her hat in the ring. I tend to think that she will be more likely to challenge Rubio than DeSantis, but that’s just my opinion. I’d love to see her take DeSantis down. But we need to oust Robotic Rubio, so if she chooses to go that way, she will have a solid chance.


Florida’s a tough state, but someone like Demings could bring it home for the Democrats. And as we wait to see what Demings might do, the Florida races just got very interesting.


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