Marco Rubio is on the hot seat


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Senator Marco Rubio needs to be voted out of office. The latest news regarding Rubio is that he is calling for the resignation of General Milley. Regarding Milley, the stuff being said about him is so pathetic and stupid, I am not even going to waste time talking about it. I will talk about Rubio.

Rubio has not earned his seat. He’s dishonest, frightened and a liar. He has spent more time on Twitter than he has helping any of his constituents. That is why we need to make voting Rubio out a priority. And I will be blunt. It will not be easy. For some unfathomable reason, there are many Floridians who actually like Rubio. Or perhaps it’s not so unfathomable.

There are many who find him handsome and charismatic. I am not one of those people, but they do exist and they like him. Rubio is excellent at memorizing talking points. He is also uniquely talented in his facial expressions, and making it look like he actually is concerned about peoples’ lives.

It will also be close because it’s Florida, and it just always is close in Florida. Florida is the ultimate swing state, and I do not see that changing at least not right now.

Here is how I believe we beat him. We need to show people that he’s a liar. Advertising can do that. But we also have to make sure he is made to answer for his alliance to the orange tumor, also known as the former President.

I can see the commercial playing out in my head: “Rubio was either lying then or he’s lying now.”

People need to see what he said about the orange tumor when he was running, and how Rubio defends him now. The moderate voters must see the real Rubio.

He must also be made to answer uncomfortable questions, and that would work in our favor because Rubio can’t handle any questions that he has not been coached to answer.

He is an essence a robot who malfunctions at the slightest hint of discord.


If we put in the work, I believe he is beatable, but it’s going to be a long fight, and one we’ve got to get behind 100%. You can donate the Marco Rubio’s Democratic challenger Val Demings here.


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