These Fulton County idiots just don’t get it

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Remember those compelling videos of Trump’s co-defendants’ proffers? We weren’t supposed to see those. Donald Trump was likely screaming his fool head off about the district attorney trying to hurt him by showing the videos, but Fani Willis had nothing to do with it. Jonathan Miller, who represents Trump’s co-defendant Misty Hampton, released them. Confessing to Judge McAfee, Miller claimed that he was “acting in [his client]’s best interest.” His excuse for compromising the integrity of this prosecution was “transparency.” Miller claimed that his client also “places a high value on transparency.” Perhaps that explains why she allowed people to access voting records in Coffee County but kept it to herself. They sound just like Donald Trump.

The prosecutor asked for and received a protective order on future discovery. She also asked for sanctions against those who released them. Miller is supposed to be a criminal lawyer. He knows he had no right to make those videos public. He’s not concerned about the public-claiming they had a right to know; he’s concerned with compromising this case. The public would have seen the videos or the actual testimony at the time of trial. Everybody wants to act like Donald Trump, but they aren’t Donald Trump. They will not be given the same level of deference that he receives (and doesn’t deserve).

Harrison Floyd, the former leader of [Dumb ass] Black Voices for Trump, is in jeopardy of being jailed until trial for thinking he can act like Trump. Prosecutors have been monitoring Floyd’s social media and believe his postings “demonstrate that he poses a significant threat of intimidating witnesses and otherwise obstructing the administration of justice in the future, making him ineligible for bond.” Floyd has conveniently forgotten that he was the last defendant in the case to make bond, and he’s working his way toward sitting in jail until the trial concludes. Floyd was charged with three state felonies relating to the intimidation of two campaign workers. He stupidly made posts targeting Ruby Freeman, one of the workers he helped to intimidate. He has also made posts denigrating Brad Raffensperger and his chief assistant Gabriel Sterling. These are the same types of threats and intimidation that Donald Trump uses, but Floyd is much more likely to be remanded to custody. As vile as we all know Donald Trump is, he’s still an alleged former president and will be treated differently. Poor, dumb Floyd apparently doesn’t see that.

The funny thing is that Trump rages about election interference but has no qualms about interfering in criminal investigations and prosecutions. He has, so far, escaped jail, which isn’t fair; however, Floyd doesn’t have that luxury with his ridiculous and insulting posts. Floyd should know better. Black men have never been treated the same as white men. Just because he kisses up to Trump doesn’t make him Trump. He’s going to land back in the Fulton County jail and will get no help from Trump. Good night, Floyd. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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