Lost in translation

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I feel two very important things are getting lost in translation by the media and pundits everywhere. These things both relate to Donald Trump, and both of them are worth taking a serious look at. Let’s say Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. That is far from certain, but let’s just say he is.

This concerns Donald Trump’s worsening mental health. If Trump is this bad NOW, how on earth will he be in a year? And how on earth could he ever debate Joe Biden? I don’t think he could. Were Trump the nominee, he’d likely do the same thing he’s doing now with his competitors — decline to debate.

Trump might be able to get away with that with his BASE of Maga crazies, , but that certainly wouldn’t go over well with the general electorate, especially moderates and independents. They would know immediately something was wrong. It’s likely, in my humble opinion, that Donald Trump will never venture out on a debate stage ever again.

How COULD he? Just look at what he’s already mixed up in short appearances. There is no way Trump could debate Biden. Picture it – he could call Biden by the wrong name or start talking about how there’s never been a World War Two. Anything’s possible.

Now, here is the second thing to ponder. That thing is the fact that, in reality, Donald Trump really never debated Biden at all during the last election. Oh, he showed up. But think back, if you will. Donald Trump’s idea of debating was talking over Biden, pacing around the stage and screaming.

I think the media sometimes forgets that Donald Trump was in bad shape way before the year 2023. His miserable attempts at debating way back during the last Presidential election were just plain awful.

All of this stuff has gotten lost in translation, mainly because the media is salivating at the horse race and forgetting about the mental health of one of the horses. Donald Trump will never do another debate again. That’s my position. And he hasn’t REALLY debated in years. Certainly what he did on that stage with President Biden doesn’t count as ANY sort of debate.

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