Something out of nothing

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The media is once again trying to create something out of nothing. Perhaps you’ve heard certain pundits openly worry about the youth vote. Oh no! What if they don’t come out? What if they vote for Trump? The situation was not helped by that junk poll saying Biden was losing the youth vote. No, he’s not.

I point you toward the Progressive Consortium. They did some research with young voters, which included Democratic voters, Republicans, and independents. Let’s look at some of the results. When the moderator asked these young voters what comes to mind when they hear the words political extremism, here is what they said:

“The storming of the Capitol.”

“January 6.”


Another question was about the 2024 election. The results found young people are feeling “galvanized.” And this feeling is because of Donald Trump.

“Anyone but Trump.”

“They could put a frog in. I’ll pick the frog.”

“I don’t think Donald Trump should be allowed to run.”

Third question: third-party candidates. Although some young people expressed interest in them, many concluded that voting for one of them would be “a wasted vote.”

And now, I will quote this article. So you can see for yourselves: “The bottom line here is that keeping Donald Trump out of office remains a driving force among a demographic of young voters that will be critical to Biden’s success next year.”

One more thing. I stand by my prediction that Trump will not be the nominee. That doesn’t matter, though, as any Republican nominee will be as bad as Trump. Now — I think you will never even HEAR about this on any news network. It’s a shame, too, because it validates what ALL of us suspected — that the young vote is out there, alive and kicking and for the democratic party.

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