“There is so much more” to the Matt Gaetz creep show

Most observers on social media have found it pretty bizarre that Matt Gaetz suddenly decided to get engaged right around the time he learned that he was under federal criminal investigation for crimes like underage sex trafficking. Now it turns out someone very close to the situation is sounding the alarm.

Matt Gaetz’s financée’s sister is now publicly lashing out at Gaetz, calling him “weird and creepy” and a “literal pedophile.” She added that “There is so much more to the story and about what I know about Matt Gaetz.”

It sounds like she should be talking to federal prosecutors – and maybe she already is. Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend, and his former best bud Joel Greenberg, are already cooperating with prosecutors, so who knows who else has joined the fray?


In any case, the decision by Gaetz’s financée’s sister to go public with her accusations about Gaetz gives us the feeling that this is all about to come to a head. Federal prosecutors let it be known to ABC News last month that they were looking to indict Gaetz sometime in July. Today is July 27th. Tick tock.

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