Fox News bottoms out

We are witnessing the disintegration of the GOP right before our eyes. They have had every warning which they have not heeded. They have become little more now than a giant and disorganized wrecking ball of a “party” lacking any policy positions and complaining daily about things that make little sense.

There is a new idea tentatively floating around. Fox Non-News, not surprisingly, has jumped on it. This idea is so absurd on its face I almost shrink from reporting it. Still, it is an important story because it shows the utter desperation that is crackling within a party that sees its popularity plunging downward.

This idea is that Democrats should not have as many “votes” as Republicans because Republicans are the party of children. So, with this awful new idea, children would have the right to vote-only the parents of the children would vote FOR the children, thus giving parents extra votes.

Say you have four kids-this idea states you would then be able to vote five times-once for yourself, four for each of your children.

The premise behind this idea, which I have labeled, the “let’s use our kids to cheat” idea, apparently relies on there being more GOP members with children than Democrats. This idea has already made it onto Fox-Non-news.

It is, of course, utterly absurd. But it DOES show the willingness of the GOP to cheat. It also shows their desperation. They are like terrified little lambs, unable to think of one policy position, so this garbage is what they must resort to.

I suppose to think of policy positions, one must be able to think at all, which is not happening either. The insurrection party thinks of one thing-how will they impress the former guy? That’s it. That is their platform.


This laughable idea will never happen, but it gives one a sense of what we’re dealing with. And what we are dealing with is a party as deeply under the spell of the former guy as his base ever was.

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