The way of the Handmaid


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It is an interesting phenomenon that lately, much of what I see on social media has to do with Handmaids. Most of you are, of course, familiar with the extraordinary book by Margaret Atwood, which tells of a different world where women are no more than chattel — breeding mares alive for no other reason than for men to do with them as they would like.

This book was also turned into a television show. And what I am witnessing on social media are reflections of people who have read this book and seen the series. And these people do not want America to go the way of the Handmaid’s world. They do not want to see America take away women’s rights.

I believe the GOP underestimates the sound and the fury — of women. All I see on social media are women — brave, beautiful, independent and free women who are angry — and determined to keep our nation’s freedoms for all the people. And yet still, the GOP persists in minimizing the subject of abortion.

Mike Pence openly talks about a national abortion ban and says he won’t rest until we have one. Lindsey Graham, too, is echoing that language. Chris Christie on ABC this weekend dismissively said the abortion issue doesn’t really matter — it’s peaked.

And then there is Maga. I often see many on social media, people, usually republicans, who admonish these wonderful women. They scoff at their fears. Of course, many of these same Republicans have never heard of the Handmaid’s tale and do not even know what it is. That figures.

We are oceans apart from the Republican party in that regard. But any reflection on women and handmaids must include the early voting returns, which are extraordinarily high. They must consist of the activism that we are seeing in all the women signing up to vote — hundreds — no — thousands of new voters — many of them free-spirited and strong WOMEN. So let the GOP continue to scoff. Let them attempt to minimize women and the subject of abortion because we know the truth. We know about Roevember.


This is my Handmaid’s reflection of today. Women do not want to be handmaids chained to the needs of fascist Republicans who want to put them in a box. Women turn away from the title of Handmaid — and come election day, the men of the republican party will be very surprised


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