The unraveling of Donald Trump Jr is reaching a particularly dangerous level

The fallout from the Trump Organization criminal indictment thus far has been incremental in some instances, but it’s definitely underway. Allen Weisselberg has “resigned” from the trust that controls the Trump Organization, meaning he’s either trying to distance himself from Trump, or Trump is trying to distance himself from Weisselberg. But the real movement thus far in terms of fallout may be with Donald Trump Jr.

The removal of Weisselberg from the Trump Organization trust has actually served to elevate Donald Trump Jr’s position of control over the company. That’s not good particularly good timing, given how badly Junior has been unraveling lately.

Most of you have seen the recent videos released by Donald Trump Jr, in which he’s come off as increasingly erratic, jittery, incoherent, and paranoid. Well, maybe he’s not being paranoid, given that he probably is going to end up criminally indicted in all this. But now Junior is taking things in an even uglier direction.

Earlier this week Donald Trump Jr suggested that God must have a sense of humor after lightning destroyed a memorial for murder victim George Floyd. Then yesterday Donald Trump Jr suggested that God must have a sense of humor after three Texas Democrats tested positive for COVID, a deadly disaster.

Donald Trump Jr has reached the point where he’s not only openly rooting for harm to come to anyone he perceives as not siding with the Trump family, he’s convinced that God is somehow carrying out revenge on behalf of the Trump family. This is a particularly dangerous and disturbing line of thinking, for a number of obvious reasons. This guy is unraveling by the day.


If the Trump Organization indictment was meant to drive Donald Trump Jr completely off the deep end so that he accidentally confesses, or paranoidly cuts a plea deal against his own family, or become such a liability that Donald Trump has to remove him from the company, it just might be working. At this rate Junior isn’t going to make it much longer before something gives way.

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