Tucker Carlson must pay for this

I loath group think. When I was a child, I would quietly observe the cruelty of the herd mentality which manifested itself (to quote the fabulous band Rush), “in the high school halls in the shopping malls.”

Conformity was everywhere. There is no more remarkable story of the woes of group think than the eerie story called “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. If you have not seen it, my friends, I’d suggest you watch it. But understand you will be horrified.

The politics of group think are embedded deep within our culture, no less today. And right now, the group think around COVID is becoming more and more dangerous.

People are being hospitalized. COVID numbers are rising–for the unvaccinated. And yes, I blame Tucker Carlson for much of this. It is not only him–not at all. But Tucker is one of the primary instigators of the group think movement against COVID.

And more and more, the question comes up – should he face consequences?

I believe the answer is yes. I think that Fox and carnival barkers like Tucker are aiding and abetting the deaths of many people. This does not seem to bother them. Profitability and the bottom line seem to be their only concern.

Greed is good. Only it’s not. And the ruthlessness and depravity of Tucker and his gang of misfits are hurting people. The propaganda machine known as Fox is doing their job and doing it well.

It would be nice if Tucker lost more advertisers. It would be nice if some of these advertisers–past and current-spoke out about Tucker’s atrocities that he (and others) are perpetuating on people.

I am not for censorship. I am, however, opposed to hate speech or deadly propaganda that could, would, and has killed people. Perhaps others are as well.

We will see what happens. In the crazed world of Tucker Carlson, cancellation is always dimly looming because he goes so far in his hateful rhetoric. Hopefully, there will come a time when he goes too far, and his ghastly show is canceled for good.

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