Divide and conquer?

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The United States is a great place to live.

We have so many different types of people here, so many various cultures.

America is a melting pot, to be sure. We also have been through much. And yet, each time a threat comes along that can rip us apart, we fight it back.

Yet, for some, this is not enough.

Bright Line Watch and YouGov have a new poll out. This poll offers some shocking statistics, to say the least.

The poll asked respondents about their openness to “secede.” And the results are sad.

Thirty-seven percent of overall respondents indicated they were open to this idea.

And this poll was not along party lines–People from EVERY party seemed primed for the idea.

The number of people who were for secession was predictably most significant in the south.

In the south, an astonishing Two-thirds of the GOP say they favor such a move.

But it would seem many Democrats are also in favor of it. Forty-seven percent of West Coast Democrats want succession.

This poll offers profound evidence of just how divided we are.

I doubt this would ever happen despite excited online chatter about it. I personally do not favor this move. We are the United States. We do not run when it gets difficult. I understand those Democrats who support such a move. But I respectfully disagree with it.

It would not change anything anyway. There are plenty of liberal Democrats to be found in Texas. And Arkansas. And Oklahoma.

Many Republicans live in California. And Oregon. And Maryland.

This idea is not feasible, but the numbers are scary. I get that.

At the end of the day, though, one has to remember it is not the states themselves that are at fault for this division. It is the psychotic politicians who seek to divide and conquer us. The best method of fighting back? Vote em out.

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