The Trump regime is now betting that Donald Trump is going to lose

Even as Donald Trump’s political advisers feed him fake positive polls to try to convince him that he’s winning, and he boasts about these polls on Twitter as if he truly believes they’re real, it’s difficult to gauge how much or little the ever-delusional Trump understands how much trouble he’s in. But we’re now seeing signs that the Trump regime is betting he’s going to lose.

It was Rachel Maddow who cracked the code last night. The Trump regime had been seeking additional time to continue working on the 2020 census, which has been complicated by the pandemic. But now something has changed, and suddenly the Trump regime wants to wrap up its census work as quickly as possible. As Maddow pointed out, the only reason to do this is so that when the (questionable) census results come back to the President’s desk, it happens before the end of Trump’s current term, so he can sign off on them.

Think about it: if Trump’s people were expecting him to win, they’d be just fine with the census hitting the President’s desk in the early days of what would be Trump’s second term. Instead they’re betting he’s going to lose, and they want to make sure he can sign off on the results before he’s gone. Otherwise they run the risk that President Joe Biden will reject the questionable results and demand that they be audited and corrected.

This helps confirm once and for all that Donald Trump and/or his people don’t have any secret master plan for magically rigging the election in Trump’s favor. They’ll try to cheat in every way they can, but they’re not expecting any of it to work. Trump’s own people are betting that he’s going to lose, and they’re trying to salvage what they can out of that loss accordingly.

The kicker is that the U.S. Census Bureau appears to be trying to fight back, with its Director asserting that the 2020 census will indeed still be conducted properly. And Speaker Pelosi will surely use her leverage in the stimulus negotiations to try to foil Trump’s census scheme. So the Trump regime may be doing all of this scheming for nothing – and it could be that the only thing to come out of this is that the Trump regime just tipped off that it’s betting against a Trump victory in November.

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