Rudy Giuliani just made things even worse for Donald Trump

One would think that at some point, “president” Donald Trump would get that his tactics are not working. Politico is suggesting that Trump’s tactics are falling like an elephant tied to a balloon. Perhaps Trump is purposely ruining his own chances, but that makes no sense. Matters likely are not helped by Rudy Giuliani stroking Trump’s ego, even as other Republicans suggest he stop the divisiveness.

Giuliani believes that “it’s worked before for him,” but what does Giuliani know? His idea of a great political ad would include the couple in St. Louis who pulled guns on protestors. Right or wrong, they have been charged with unlawful use of a weapon. An ad featuring them would do nothing more than pander to the base Trump already has, and he needs far more. Giuliani’s other brilliant suggestion is to paint Joe Biden as “mentally ill.” Giuliani claims that he has a friend in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and that he and Biden “could be twins.” Apparently, Giuliani has not been tuning into Trump’s disastrous briefings where it appears he can barely read a first-grade primer nor is he looking in the mirror.

Trump is also shooting himself in the foot with his attacks on mail-in voting. Interestingly, Trump’s staunchest supporters — who buy into everything Trump says — say that they will be “less likely” to vote in November if voting is done by mail, Politico reported. Good; please sit this one out. Politico specifically reported that 15% of Trump voters in Florida, 12% in Pennsylvania, and 10% in Michigan feel this way. Considering that Trump won all three states by miniscule margins, he cannot afford to lose even 1%. At the same time, less than 1% of Biden’s voters said that mail-in would stop them from voting. In fact, 53% of voters in Florida want mail-in ballots, as do almost 50% in both Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Republicans, at least the smarter ones, want Trump to stop his campaign against mail-in voting because they believe it is negatively impacting Republican turnout. Katie Merrill, a Democratic strategist, shared that Trump is “sowing seeds of his own downfall” by claiming mail-in voting will cause widespread fraud. Pollster Dave Metz chimed in that Trump’s fight against mail-in voting is going to hurt him most, as a majority of his voters are older and those same voters view coronavirus as an “extremely” or “very serious” problem; meaning, they are not going out to cast in-person votes.

Trump’s fight against mail-in voting is going to hurt him far more than anything else in November. Democrats are enrolling in vote-by-mail in Florida at an incredible rate, and even should vote-by-mail fail to pass in some states, several others already have “no-excuse” absentee voting, which means the residents of those states will be voting by mail regardless of what Donald Trump thinks. His divisiveness is not working, and his bullying tactics continue to fall flat. Trump is not going to get what he wants, which is a second term. Finally, we have a reason to say thank you, “president” Trump.

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