The Trump Organization is in dire straits

When New York prosecutors decided to initially indict Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization, it seemed fairly clear what they were looking to do. By targeting Weisselberg, they’ve left the Trump Organization without its one steady hand. And by indicting the entire Trump Organization, they’ve left everyone in the company scrambling.

This week Allen Weisselberg was formally removed from his position at dozens of Trump companies, including the trust that controls the entire Trump Organization. Whether he resigned of his own accord, or whether Trump forced him to, is up for debate. But either way, the fallout isn’t pretty.

Former New York State Assistant Attorney General Tristan Snell summed it up with this tweet: “The adult supervision at the Trump Organization is now gone. Weisselberg really ran day to day operations. McConney counted the money. Ivanka is AWOL. TFG has checked out. And it was a very small operation to begin with. The entire show is now being run by Don Jr and Eric.”

We can’t help but agree (and bonus points for referring to Trump as “TFG” – “The Former Guy”). Allen Weisselberg may be a fraudster, but he was likely the one person in the Trump Organization who was focused on making sure the entire house of cards remained standing. Now that the task is falling to people who are all named Trump, none of them are up to the task. There may not be much left of the Trump Organization by the time New York inevitably moves on to indicting members of the Trump family – which seems to be the plan.

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