The MAGA loons are completely out of control

All too often it seems that the various factions of the GQP/MAGA-dolts are vying for the unsavory title of being the most out-to-lunch. Texas, of course, is leading the regressive charge to stifle the voices of their citizens. (Texas is where the Akansas looks to feel better about itself.)

Governor Abbott has also issued an executive order putting the kibosh on state agencies requiring any kind of vax passport. DeSantis is still doing his feeble impression of the Former Guy. The list of crazy goes on: Arizona’s fraud-it. Pennsylvania’s threatening to follow the Q-driven lead. Umpteen red states are trying to enact a score of laws infringing upon the right to vote.

Not to be out-done in crazy-town, Tennessee’s governor, Bill Lee (no relation?) has fired the state’s Doc Fauci, Dr. Michelle Fiscus, because she was ‘woke’ enough to encourage teens and adolescents to get vaccinated. The governor’s spokesperson has declined to make comment as it was a ‘personal matter’. Yeah, dead kids are getting pretty personal, alright.

Rightfully, Lee is being investigated for the firing without cause of Dr Fiscus after a group of ten doctors called for the investigation into how Lee is bungling the pandemic in Tennessee. Meanwhile, in other parts of the MAGA-asylum, the buffet of the Big Lie and the Grand Return of the Orange Doofus-who-would-be-king are still all you can eat and open 24/7. Please leave your brain and your humanity at the door.

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