The Trump-Russia scandal unmasked

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As a new day dawned in Russia, a meeting had commenced. This meeting had taken place many years before 2021. It was a meeting of Russian minds set to take on the United States. What was the purpose of the said meeting? To talk about Russia’s favorite candidate for the 2016 election. That candidate was the former guy.

They huddled, these agents of the Kremlin. They spoke of how it might happen, why it needed to happen. With their guy installed in the White House, it could only mean good things for them.

Their candidate was an unstable man prone to impulsivity. He was reported as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex.”

The plan to help put this “mentally unstable” individual into the Presidency was agreed upon on January 22, 2016.

The Kremlin must have been happy that day. They predicted that with this individual installed as President, it would lead to “the destabilization of the U.S.’s sociopolitical system.”

And they were correct. The Guardian broke this story. This week. Is it true? It would seem to be on its face. And it should not be a surprise.

All this documentation really does is confirm what so many of us knew: The Kremlin had our number. They saw the hate and division long before many of our own did. They used it against us. Many were willing pawns.

This is a story that we will all be hearing much more about. But one thing is clear. Russia is our enemy. I care not what the former guy and his brainwashed base say on this subject. It’s a fact. What is also true is they will try again. They can’t not try again. They want to wound us and hurt us at our core. We beat them with Biden. We must continue to beat them.

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