The Trump family is imploding in the wake of New York criminal indictments

When New York prosecutors released their first round of criminal indictments, they took the additional step of indicting not just Allen Weisselberg, but the Trump Organization itself. We took this as an attempt at shaking up the entire joint and getting the Trump family to panic and turn on itself ahead of whatever indictments are coming next.

Sure enough, that’s how things are starting to shape up. We’ve got Donald Trump leaking to the media how much he hates Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. We’ve got Donald Trump Jr giving a speech this weekend that was incoherently disturbing, even for him. And of course this comes after Ivanka and Jared used the eve of the initial indictments to send up a flare about how they wanted out.

What we’re seeing is the Trump family imploding. This process already began once Donald Trump lost the election and was ousted from office, as the family knew that there wasn’t going to be anything to protect them from whatever was coming down the pike. But now that indictments are finally flying, and it’s clear that there’s more where those came from, Trump family members are either turning on each other or just plain going bonkers under the pressure. It won’t get better for them as the legal process moves forward.

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