The hint from Ivanka Trump that no one is talking about

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Now that the Trump Organization has been criminally indicted it seems to be an obvious precursor to eventual criminal indictments against Donald Trump and perhaps some of his kids. After all, three of them hold (or held) high level executive titles within the company and have been involved in various financial aspects of the company.

This has led to widespread speculation as to which if any of Trump’s kids will flip on him. For instance, Mary Trump said on television this week that if it comes down to it, she suspects all three of them will flip on their father. But even as Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump have spent the past few days protestingly way too much in online videos, Ivanka Trump seemed to drop a clear yet largely overlooked hint of her own.

On June 23rd, CNN published an online article with this headline: “Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner distance themselves from the former President and his constant complaints.” Let’s be clear here. Articles like this don’t appear out of thin air. This kind of insider information doesn’t get picked up by a gust of wind and randomly land on a reporter’s desk. This kind of thing is always leaked, always intentionally, and usually by the person who benefits from the publication of the story.

Furthermore, three days after this CNN article appeared, the New York Times reported that not only were criminal indictments imminent against the Trump Organization, but that Trump’s lawyers had been informed several days earlier that the indictments were coming. In other words, when Ivanka and Jared leaked the story that they were supposedly “distancing” themselves from Donald, they had presumably just found out that the initial indictments were about to come down.

So there’s a huge hint. Once Ivanka Trump found out that Donald Trump’s company was imminently going to be criminally indicted, she and her husband immediately decided to tell the world (and thus New York prosecutors) that they were sick of Donald’s crap.

Maybe this was just a PR move by Ivanka to try to create the illusion among the public that she has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s financial crimes. If so, it’s pretty weak, and no one bought it. Or maybe this was Ivanka’s way of signaling to prosecutors that if she and her husband are in line to face criminal indictment, they’re willing to sell Donald out in exchange for non-prosecution.

It’s difficult to know for certain what message Ivanka Trump was sending. Given the timing and the fact that she and her family already knew indictments were imminent, it’s clear that she was sending some kind of message. Even as everyone examines the new videos coming from Eric and Don Jr for clues about whether they’ll end up flipping, Ivanka’s own big hint is worth examining as well.

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