The silver lining

Whenever the last guy wanted to do his most corrupt things, he usually skipped right past Congress, on the off chance he might run into a Republican or two on the rare day they might have a spine. So instead he made his ugliest moves via executive order or executive action, even during those first two years when the Republicans controlled the House and Senate.

The silver lining to this is that President Joe Biden has already been able to strike down much of it with the stroke of a pen. If the last guy had introduced legislation and had Congress pass it, then Biden might have to go back to Congress and get it undone. Even with control of the House and Senate, this would have taken time.

Instead, Biden has managed to undo much of the last guy’s shady legacy already, from the Paris Climate Agreement, to the Muslim ban, to putting kids in cages. Of course none of this brings back the kids who have already died in cages – which is why the last guy has to go on criminal trial for the crimes he committed in office.

But we’re lucky in a way that the last guy was so opposed to the concept of democracy, he unwittingly made it easier for President Biden to undo his corrupt legacy more swiftly.

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