Breath of fresh air

“If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treated another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise I will fire you on the spot. On the spot. No ifs, ands or buts. Everybody, everybody is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.” Thus began President Joe Biden’s first term in office as he swore in 1,000 workers who did not require confirmation. While the Senate stalls over President Biden’s cabinet picks, he has been steadily signing executive orders to undo the most egregious policies of the last administration.

Front and center at the Biden Administration’s second press conference (in two days), Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed the virus, variants of the virus, and vaccinations. Fauci said that it is “liberating” to work with the Biden administration, which is following the science and focusing on giving truth to the American people. In fact, the word “truth” is used frequently by the Biden Administration. Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that she would “circle back” on different questions, as she wants to ensure they are getting truthful information. What a breath of fresh air this administration has been in its two days of existence, including what appears to be President Biden’s drive for fairness while continuing to stand for the importance of the truth.

President Biden and his wife immediately terminated White House chief usher Timothy Harleth, who was installed by the previous administration. President Biden also requested and received the resignation of the former administration’s Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who frequently bent the truth and refused to push back on false claims.

Christopher Wray, who was also appointed by the former administration, is another story. President Biden has asked him to stay on in his role as FBI Director. The FBI is actively rounding up the Capitol terrorists, with over 200 suspects and 100 arrested according to CNN. When asked whether President Biden “had confidence” in Wray during the administration’s initial press conference, Jen Psaki told the press that she had not spoken with the President about it, which an official confirmed as true, “so she answered honestly,” CNN reported. President Biden has since expressed confidence and indicated that Wray will remain in his role. The President’s primary concern, however, is COVID-19 and undoing harmful policies.


While working on issues related to the virus, President Biden did take the time to halt funding for the border wall, rescind the Muslim travel ban, and reinstate environmental protections. The President said that he planned “to start by keeping the promises I made to the American people.” So far, he has done just that. He has moved to rejoin the Paris climate accord (which CNN reported takes 30 days), halted the withdrawal from WHO— where Dr. Fauci will lead the U.S. delegation, mandated masks on federal property, and appointed a coordinator for vaccine administration, all in his first full day. We cannot kid ourselves that President Biden will have it easy, with Republicans like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz trying hold up nominees and Mitch McConnell playing games, but he is off to a very promising start.

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