The Republicans just keep riding Trumpism to loss after loss

The republicans insisted on getting behind Trump-like candidate Larry Elder in the California recall election, and they got blown out as a result. If they’d gotten behind a reasonably mainstream candidate, they might have had a chance. But no, they pushed the Trump clone to the forefront.

Republicans keep relying on the Trump playbook, and they keep losing. That’s no surprise, given that the Trump playbook is such an idiotic joke, it cost Trump reelection. But the Republican Party remains convinced that making Trump-like moves is somehow magically going to turn things around. The longer they keep making this mistake, the better it’ll be for the Democrats.

– Now that we’ve won big in the recall race and we have momentum and determination, our next big focus should be the Virginia elections on November 2nd. That’s barely six weeks from now, so it’s time to mobilize already. The Democratic nominee is Terry McAuliffe, and he has a small lead over the extremist Republican nominee. You can donate to McAuliffe here, and volunteer here.

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