The Amy Coney Barrett clown show goes into overdrive

These days more and more strange events are happening. It’s getting to the point where stories are popping up that do not even seem believable, but sadly they are real. The story I am about to tell you has to do with America’s least favorite handmaid. This handmaid goes by another name, and that is Amy Coney Barrett.

The supreme court is in need of many changes. I think that we can all agree on that. One change I’d like to make is to see the handmaid leave the court. That however does not look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. It should. Because Amy Coney Barrett is nothing more than a partisan hack, and she proved it this week.

Speaking at an event honoring politician and rat Mitch McConnell, Barrett spoke of her concerns that America might see the Supreme Court as Partisan. That is kind of like son of Sam being concerned that people might think he had killed someone. Senselessly blabbing away, Barrett proceeded to whine.

She wanted people to be aware that the media does not treat the court fairly, and that people should really read the courts opinions rather than the media stories about the courts. To that I say what opinions?

Let’s take the recent ruling on the Texas abortion law. To the best of my knowledge the Supreme Court didn’t render an opinion. What they did was fearfully write a few sentences in the dead of night while everybody was sleeping, and did not even have the decency to sign that.

There is a reason why people do not trust the Supreme Court. If you are wondering why there’s no videos of the incident it’s because the dainty little handmaid didn’t want videos taken. Standing beside her master Mitch McConnell, Barrett mostly pouted about the unfairness of it all. Does that sound like a competent Court Justice to you?

The supreme court needs an overhaul without question. As for Amy Coney handmaid, so far she is showing that she is the worst Justice we have seen in a long time, and judging from her little partisan stunt I do not see her winning the goodwill of people anytime soon.

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