We did it!

Thank you my friends. Thank you to everybody reading this, and thank your friends and family as well. Thank you to all Californians. Thank you voters, and thank you to the wonderful readers of Palmer Report. I am euphoric, and you should be too. We did it folks!

If ever there is a night when you should go to sleep with a smile on your face this is it. You should all feel really proud of yourselves. We outnumber them by a large amount. Goodness outweighs evil in this country .

And tonight, the destiny of California has been altered from possible disaster thanks to beautiful folks like you, who put in the work and made sure this beautiful state that we love so dearly did not fall into the hands of evil.


So, as you go to sleep tonight, with the sounds of jubilation all around you, take a moment to congratulate yourself. Bask in the joy of a very special evening where we showed again what a force for good we all are.

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