The real reason Donald Trump can’t sleep at night

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There are many different reasons for sleeplessness. It could be stress, insomnia, or racing thoughts. There are so many reasons why someone cannot sleep late at night. One of those reasons is fear.

Donald Trump appears to have had many inky-dark nights of restless exhaustion. Donald Trump’s brain rustles like the trees outside, restless, waiting for SOMETHING as he sits awake and untouched in the shadow of moonlight and the evening’s chill.

We KNOW this to be true because of all of his late-night rants. Perhaps that is why he so frequently nods off in court. Maybe he cannot keep his eyes open. Trump’s sleepiness, combined with his withering-on-the vine mental state, is causing him to be careless and behave in extremely self-destructive ways. An example came just the other day, hours after he accepted President Biden’s gracious invitation to debate.

Perhaps Trump was having second thoughts, yes? It appears he poured forth all his rage at being outplayed and outwitted into his truth social rant, causing writers like myself to take notice as the Republican “candidate” for president went off the deep end.




All caps signals, on a scale of one to ten, that Trump’s insanity level is at about a twenty. Isn’t it ODD, people? How out of touch is this raving old man? Isn’t it amazing that he does not even realize he is talking about not Joe Biden but himself?

I’ve always said the way to understand the traitor is to substitute his name. See here:

“Corrupt Donald Trump is the weakest most incompetent president.”

“There will never be another like it.”

“Trump is a threat to democracy.”

My gosh, this man is a walking, screaming pile of projection. The trial is coming to its end. The bell has been rung, and one cannot unring it. Donald Trump is closer than ever to being a convicted felon. THAT is what is causing his sleepless in New York problems. I think, on some mad level, he may just know all of this.

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