The path to a Democratic House majority just became a lot more clear

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By the time we get to November, the Democrats are likely going to be just a seat or two away from having the House majority. All it’ll take is for the Democrats to retain the competitive seats they already have, and flip a few of the competitive seats being held by Republicans.

The mathematical path to the House majority is simple: it comes down almost entirely to a couple dozen super-competitive “toss up” races that are likely to be decided by a point or two in either direction.

But this early on the picture is still a bit complicated, because states hold their primaries at different times. This means that in a number of competitive House races, the Democrats don’t yet have an official nominee. The good news is that the picture just got clearer.

Oregon’s 5th House District, one of the key Republican-held “toss up” House Districts that the Democrats are targeting in 2024, finally has a nominee thanks to this week’s primary election. Say hello to Democratic nominee Janelle Bynum. While she’s a great candidate and her Republican opponent is a disaster, the voting demographics of the district dictate that it’ll be a close contest.

That means we can jump in and alter the outcome simply with some targeted small dollar donations, some online volunteering, and even simply by retweeting Janelle Bynum when she posts campaign links. This kind of activity on our part (which includes you, the person reading this), makes the difference between winning a race like this by one point or losing it by one point.

So let’s all get on board with Janelle Bynum now: • Campaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

As the days and weeks go on, and the slate of Democratic House nominees becomes more clear, we’ll continue to post articles and links so you can take action. In the meantime here’s a list of the incumbent House Democrats running for reelection in super-close “toss up” races who need your help.

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