Here are the competitive House races that will decide the 2024 House majority

Each election cycle there are 435 House races in total. But only about fifty of them end up being competitive at all, and only half of those end up being highly competitive. It’s not just because of things like gerrymandering. Think about it: the Democrats are easily going to win a House district in Hollywood California, while the Republicans are easily going to win a House district in a rural Southern area.

The key to winning the House majority is to focus on the relative handful of districts that have a roughly equal number of Democratic and Republican leaning voters. These races, known as toss-ups, nearly always come down to a point or two in either direction. The party that wins most of the toss-up races generally wins the House majority.

As with every election cycle, in 2024 we’re going to focus exclusively on the House (and Senate) races that are going to be close enough that we can make a difference in the outcome. Right now there are twenty-two “toss up” House races according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. We’ll be using that as our guidepost.

Of these 22 toss-up races, nine of them feature a Democratic incumbent, eleven of them feature a Republican incumbent, and two of them will have no incumbent. Today we’re going to focus solely on those nine House races where we need to get a vulnerable Democratic incumbent reelected. Next time around we’ll focus on the thirteen toss-up races with no Democratic incumbent.

There are also twenty House races that either “Lean Democrat” or “Lean Republican.” Those races are also competitive (though less so than the toss-up races), and we’ll get to them a bit later in the election cycle. But for today it’s all about the nine House Democrats seeking reelection in highly competitive toss-up races in 2024.

STEP ONE in taking the House majority is to get these nine Democrats reelected. Donate if you have the money. Volunteer if you have the time. If you don’t have the time or money, follow them on Twitter and retweet them whenever they post donation links, so others will see it. Donation links below are taken directly from the candidates’ official websites:

CO-08 (Colorado), House Democrat Yadira CaraveoCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

ME-02 (Maine), House Democrat Jared GoldenCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

NC-01 (North Carolina), House Democrat Don DavisCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

NM-02 (New Mexico), House Democrat Gabe VasquezCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

OH-09 (Ohio), House Democrat Marcy KapturCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

OH-13 (Ohio), House Democrat Emilia SykesCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

PA-07 (Pennsylvania), House Democrat Susan WildCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

PA-08 (Pennsylvania), House Democrat Matt CartwrightCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

WA-03 (Washington State), House Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp PerezCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter