The only remaining question in Donald Trump’s downfall

The only thing left to bet on is whether Donald Trump tries to flee or not. He hasn’t pardoned his kids yet, so it’s not going to be before then. But none of the kids will be escaping New York AG James.

Having dodged the law their entire lives, Trump & Co. think they will hire a dream team of lawyers and wiggle out of the financial crimes James surely has on them. What they don’t know is that they live in a bubble. That Trump can find time to complain about his wife’s $8000.00 outfit not getting enough magazine covers is nauseating. Pardoning child murderers is immoral. Committing treason in the Oval Office with his Russian cut-outs for Putin is beyond redemption. If these people think no one is watching, they are wrong.

The one thing to keep in mind is that Trump & Co. are fundamentally stupid. The intelligence community has everything on these people, not because of Q or being unlawfully spied upon, but because they can’t be bothered with the details. All along, Trump & Co. have had no idea how many people are watching them from third-party surveillance to folks in the various Inspector Generals’ offices. The US Government isn’t like a corporation. You can’t buy silence. Though they have tried and will continue to try, once Trump is divested of his power, the US is going to clamp down on him like Al Capone.

Living rich and pampered is surely wonderful. People are kind; people are scrupulously polite. You begin to think you deserve all the deference. That you’re special. Take a lifetime of this, and you’re sealed inside an imagined reality. So Happy New Year, folks. Break out the bubbly because AG James is standing with a pin, ready to break the Trump bubble January 21st.

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