Turns out Donald Trump ruined Christmas for nothing

Donald Trump and his Postmaster Louis DeJoy have so thoroughly sabotaged the Post Office, many of us are still waiting for our Christmas gifts to be delivered. But these two guys have ruined Christmas for nothing.

Trump bet his reelection, and thus his ability to remain out of prison, on the premise that sabotaging Post Office mail-in voting would be enough to put him over the top. But it didn’t work out for him, and now his life as he knows it is over, meaning he did it for nothing.

Even DeJoy doesn’t appear on track to come out on top in all this. He was hoping that sabotaging the Post Office would boost his own personal business interests. But because he’s become such a controversial public figure, the media dug into him and uncovered a decade’s worth of campaign finance fraud, which is apparently under investigation by the North Carolina Attorney General. So it looks like DeJoy is earmarked for prison as well – and Trump can’t pardon him on state charges.


It takes a special kind of ineptitude to have control over the presidency and the Executive Branch, and still come up with a corrupt scheme so stupid that it ruins everyone’s Christmas for nothing, and helps put you and your henchman in prison.

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