Michael Cohen rips Donald Trump to pieces

How much of a spoiled brat sore loser has Donald Trump become? He’s pouting down at Mar-a-Lago and refusing to do even the most basic aspects of his job, even after the bipartisan stimulus bill was flown down to him in an attempt at getting him to sign it.

Donald Trump’s ally-turned-nemesis Michael Cohen has a message for those who just finished inexplicably voting for Trump: “To those individuals who constitute part of the 74 million people who voted for Donald Trump, no need to be concerned that Trump is completely disengaged with the COVID Relief Package and Americans are suffering. Trump is golfing and eating very well at Mar-a-Lago!”

In other words, Donald Trump has only ever cared about Donald Trump – and those who voted for him have truly screwed themselves. Trump is so eager to seek revenge on the nation for kicking him out of office, he’s perfectly willing to harm his own supporters in the process.

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