The longest night in politics

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January 6, 2023, was a remarkable night for many reasons. For anyone who watched what went on on the house floor that evening, the hours must have seemed eternal. As minutes ticked away, many good people watching were riveted.

And they were not riveted by who would eventually become the speaker. That had virtually nothing to do with it. No, people were riveted by the unrelenting chaos on the House floor. It was sort of like eavesdropping on a private conversation. The incompetence and utter insanity of the GOP were laid bare on this longest night in politics. Everyone could see the truth.

And that truth? The GOP can’t govern. They can’t do much of anything. The whole thing was an extraordinary exercise in incompetence. You’d be forgiven for laughing as these idiots time and again gave away their dignity as the world watched.

It really was the longest night in politics in recent memory. But this night which was so maddening, so very long, and so unrestricted in deficiency, gave away a lot – and showed why we will win in 2024.

The GOP is a bunch of goofballs. That’s what we’re up against. If we stay calm and focused and unleash our activism as we have in the midterms, the 2020 presidential race, the special elections, we will be victorious.

Sometimes the longest nights are the most important nights because they tell us things. As time tucked away that night, the utter incapability of Republicans to lead bloomed. It bloomed and blossomed, showing artfully what a failure the Republican party is and what their running of the House will look like.

There will, of course, be other long nights coming up. There will be infighting and insanity, and total stupidity. But perhaps no night drew home the republican incompetence like that longest night of January 6 2023. It showed that Democrats got this. Democrats got this, and we will take back the House again in 2024. You can take that to the bank.

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