Hanging on by a thread

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Even as we wait for word on whether or not Steve Bannon was involved in plotting yesterday’s pathetically weak failed coup attempt in Brazil, it’s worth keeping in mind that Bannon very publicly incited that coup before and during the fact. Given that Bannon isn’t yet behind bars, we’re seeing the predictable chants of “he’s getting away with it all” or “he’s gotten away with it all.”

But let’s take a look at the facts. Steve Bannon has been convicted and sentenced to prison on federal charges and is currently appealing that prison sentence. He’s been indicted on serious state charges that would send him to prison for much of the rest of his life, and he’s awaiting trial on those charges. He’s potentially facing more federal charges from Special Counsel Jack Smith. And that’s before getting to the question of whether Brazil might end up indicting him and seeking extradition. If anything the United States might decline to extradite Bannon to Brazil because of how many criminal charges he’s already facing in the United States.


Steve Bannon isn’t “getting away with it all.” He’s hanging on by a string. He’s already been sentenced to prison. He’s just exhausting the appeals that he has left. Perhaps our system shouldn’t work this way but it does. If anything, Bannon is just using the Brazil situation to try to raise a bit more money for his legal defense. He’s going to need it. The rest of his life is going to be all about more criminal charges, more criminal trials, more criminal convictions, and eventually rotting in prison. What we’re seeing at this point is just last ditch flailing.

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