Megyn Kelly just found a whole new way to embarrass herself

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The world of politics can be a brutal business and not just for politicians. Media pundits can be very competitive with each other. You’ve all seen the garbage that Palmer Report has gone through. Palmer Report has trolls. I have trolls. Other writers for Palmer Report have trolls. And, of course, television anchors have trolls.

Many times, the trolls in question are others in the media. It’s a sad thing that when media pundits should be propping each other up, some would prefer to tear their fellow pundits down.

And a great example of the trolliness of pundits involves two well-known media commentators. One of these has a show and is liked and respected. His name is Chris Cuomo. The other does not have a show, although she used to. Originally famous because of her fiery political analysis, Megyn Kelly became known as the woman who took on the former guy.

Those days are long gone. Kelly was fired in disgrace after defending blackface. She hosts a podcast now. Kelly is angry these days. Her Twitter page is mainly composed of mocking tweets, many times against the very pundits who are doing the job she used to do. And one of them is Chris Cuomo.

For some inexplicable reason, Kelly seems to hate Cuomo. Her tweets have become increasingly bizarre. Take the most recent one. Kelly tweeted out a statement declaring Cuomo a “loser” and “gross.”

This seems to be because Cuomo tweeted out a picture of one of his muscles. This disgusted Kelly so much she felt the need to tell the world about it.

I’ve no idea why Kelly seems to detest him so profoundly, but this isn’t the first time she has mentioned his muscles. Muscles on a CNN pundit seem to disturb Kelly way more than the insurrection ever did because Kelly hasn’t tweeted anything of note about said insurrection.

I’d like to see Twitter crack down harder on trolls, perhaps even with warning labels. As for Kelly, she seems content to have swapped hard-hitting news reporting for trollism. It’s a sad story.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!