The fallout from CNN’s Trump town hall just keeps getting even uglier

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The fallout from the disastrous CNN Trump town hall continues. As Palmer Report has laid out, CNN is back at the bottom of the barrel in ratings. And they’re being mocked by everyone, from Chris Christie to Donald Trump himself. Here are some of the new headlines regarding the failed town hall:

“John Stewart rips CNN.”

“CNN’s town hall with Trump ‘absurd.’

“Mary Trump torches Trump fans at CNN Town Hall.”

“CNN botches Trump town hall.”

“CNN’s humiliating Trump town hall.”

“Anderson Cooper receives backlash.”

“CNN is tearing itself apart.”

Wow. Not good news for Chris Licht. And I want to talk about misogyny. The misogyny of Chris Licht. Although I am no major fan of Kaitlin Collins, jus, what was Licht thinking throwing her to the wolves like that?

As a woman, it was painful to see these sleazy laughing a-wholes chuckling about sexual assault and openly jeering the Debate host. CNN left Collins entirely on her own. They, for all intents and purposes, abandoned her, threw her to the wolves.

This is not a good work environment. Licht appears to have no love lost for women as he reprimands his own staff if they’re not: “dispassionate” enough and who clearly has no idea how to boost ratings.

Many are wondering what Gayle King thinks of all this. King is due to start in the CNN show “King Charles,” which also will star Charles Barkley. This new show is said to be Licht’s last chance which is reason enough not to watch it. It isn’t just that Licht HAD this disgraceful town hall.

It’s also the cold-blooded way he treats his staff — firing at will, reprimanding and scolding at will, and throwing his protege to the wolves. I hope Licht is gone soon. It’s time for a new CEO at CNN and one who understands the business.

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