The deranged insanity continues

This week a catastrophic winter storm hit Texas. It was a reminder that 1) climate change is real and getting more severe, 2) the deregulation and overall corruption of Republican leaders in Texas is devastating to the people who live there, and 3) those same Republicans are more brazen with their crazed lies than ever.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other Republican officials in the state tried to blame their own corrupt and negligent lack of preparedness on – of all things – renewable energy. Yeah, that’s it. Some of them even tried to blame it on the Green New Deal, which hasn’t even been passed into law, and therefore couldn’t possibly have been involved.

More and more in America, the battle isn’t about whether liberal or conservative ideas are better. It’s about whether a majority of the public is more likely to believe the truth being told by the Democrats and their allies, or the deranged lies being peddled by the Republicans and their allies.

It’s also a reminder that even with Donald Trump gone from the picture, the Republican Party is merely back to being what it’s been for a generation: a lie factory aimed at deceiving the American public into mistakenly supporting corrupt people and terrible ideas. It’s why the factual truth is more important than ever.

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