This is the perfect symbolism for the collapse of the Trump era

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It’s a day of landmarks; Trump’s failed casino (or one of them) goes down like a house of cards in controlled demolition and Rush Limbaugh passes from this vale of tears. (Condolences to the family of that blustering arsehole.)

There are, most certainly, other events that are of more practical value to Americans; improvements in vaccination scheduling and distribution, plans to open schools, a drop in infections and hospitalization for coronavirus, etc.

But seeing the former Trump property tumble into a pile of rubble presents itself as a metaphor for the vile, pernicious influence of the Orange Ogre, himself. The removal of Rush from the airwaves and poisoned minds of the MAGA/QAnon/ammosexual/alt-fact crowd comes as a relief. Rush’s passing might also be folded in to the Trump casino metaphor. The end of an era is heralded in these events.

At least, it might be hoped that the Era of Orangeness has indeed passed. President Biden’s town hall in Wisconsin could be taken as evidence that the Era of the Orange Abhorrence has passed much as a destructive hurricane passes and loses strength.

‘All good things must end’ goes the maxim. The obverse is usually left unstated; ‘All bad things must end.’

It must not be left to hope or chance that the Orange Era ends. The institutions of the Republic survived and must be utilized to rectify the damage done by the ‘Former Guy’. The courts will bring those chickens home to roost. The FCC must address the scourge of alt/facts which Rush exemplified by reviewing and possibly revoking the broadcast licenses of Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, the Sinclair network and the hate radio programs.

As Joseph Campbell instructed us; metaphor and myth are the means by which we inform and instruct ourselves. Let us embrace the metaphor.

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