Texas Governor Greg Abbott is running scared

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We have fifty states, and each of them has its distinct character. When I think of Florida, I think of dolphins, palm trees, and the vast ocean. In Maine, I think of lighthouses and lobster. In Arizona, I think of the Grand Canyon and beautiful scenery.
You get the picture And Texas. Want to know what I think of Texas? Pride and people.

Texas has so much pride. And it has so many PEOPLE. Everywhere in Texas, there are people, many moving in from all corners of the country as the state starts its slow swing toward purple and blue. But it is pride and people we should also be worried about. Allow me to elaborate.

Beto had his debate with Greg Abbott. News Nation broadcast it, and I watched. It is fair to say Beto wiped the floor with Abbott. He was polite, firm, offering brilliant suggestions, and in fact, he was so good that the undecided voter’s News Nation had gathered up were very impressed with him.

Before the debate, Abbott was leading with the focus group. After the discussion, Beto jumped in ahead. Abbott could not answer a single question. He was gruff, lacked empathy, talked too fast, and appeared scared to death. And yet he still might win. Because of pride and PEOPLE.

There are so many Republicans in Texas. Small towns, tiny little Texas villages filled with Red voters. And there is pride. Many in Texas will still check the R box because they are proud of their independence and fear Beto would take that away, which he would not do.

Beto has a real chance. The polls in recent weeks show Abbott ahead. It is important to remember polls are often wrong — particularly lately. Remember the Kansas referendum. So we must help Beto. There will likely be no more debates in Texas because Abbott won’t agrees to more. This last debate was on Friday night when football was on. That is the way Abbott wanted it.

There was no audience. That was the way Abbott wanted it. Many Uvalde families wanted to watch the debate and drove hours. Abbott wouldn’t let them in. He is terrified. So please –knock on those doors! Remind your friends and family to vote. The more people hear from Beto, the more they like him. Let’s ensure everybody hears from him.

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