Ted Lieu: subpoenas are coming

Now that the Democrats have officially taken control of the House of Representatives, they’ve had to take care of some initial procedural matters that must always be dealt with at the beginning of a new session. Nancy Pelosi has been elected Speaker. The major committee chair positions have been assigned. Now the House has a chance to get down to business – and a big part of that “business” centers around exposing, ousting, and imprisoning the traitor Donald Trump.

Even Donald Trump seems to know his life is about to end as he knows it. He’s obsessively ranting publicly and privately about his inevitable impeachment, while repeatedly cursing at Pelosi in frustration behind closed doors, then apologizing to her for it. Even as Trump spirals out of control and can’t make up his mind whether to fight or grovel, he’s also trying to prop himself up with the fantasy that things are all going to somehow magically work out for him.

Part of that fantasy centers around Donald Trump pretending that his imaginary border wall, which is also a fence, which is also just some poles, has been funded by Mexico / will be funded by the Democrats, and will get built / already has been built. To that end, Trump posted an image of himself behind a bunch of poles, with the caption “The wall is coming.” Suffice it to say that Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu was not impressed.

Ted Lieu is a former prosecutor who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which is where articles of impeachment originate, so he knows what’s coming. He’s also apparently spent more time watching Game of Thrones than Donald Trump has, so he helpfully corrected Trump’s misperceptions about how this is going to play out: “In Game Of Thrones, authoritarian leaders like The Mad King and King Joffrey dealt with different Houses like House Stark, but never with a coequal like House Of Representatives. So no, the vanity wall of Donald Trump is not coming.”

Then Ted Lieu added the part that matters: “But subpoenas are coming.” It’s a reminder that, even as the Democratic House waits a few more weeks for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to give them impeachment ammunition in the form of a formal report on Donald Trump’s crimes, the House is wasting no time diving in with the subpoenas and forthcoming hearings that’ll lay the groundwork for a successful impeachment process.