Sarah Huckabee Sanders has humiliating meltdown

With virtually no officials or decision makers left in Donald Trump’s White House, and even fewer still willing to publicly defend Trump, he finds himself left with little choice but to send someone like Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Fox News to do his bidding. The trouble: Sanders doesn’t know the facts, and also, she’s stupid. The bigger trouble: not everyone on Fox News is willing to help prop up Trump’s failing regime anymore.

This morning we saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders interviewed by Fox News host Chris Wallace, a guy who – particularly these days – has more of a relationship with the truth than one might expect out of a Fox host. That spelled bad news for Sanders, who claimed that thousands of “terrorists” are pouring into the United States.

Chris Wallace fired back, and he brought the facts: literally zero suspected terrorists have been intercepted at the border. The only suspected terrorists who have been intercepted have been at airports. This sent Sarah Huckabee Sanders into a stammering tailspin, as she began insisting that terrorists are pouring in by air, by land, and by sea, and it became clear that no one – including her – had any idea what she was even trying to say.

So this is what it’s come down to for Donald Trump and his handful of advisers who haven’t quit in protest, resigned amid scandal, been fired, or been criminally indicted. Trump is left relying on people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who are so clueless about policy, they’d be embarrassing themselves even if they weren’t being forced to defend policies that are gibberish to begin with.