Donald Trump keeps hurling the f-word at Nancy Pelosi during disastrous meeting

This week Donald Trump publicly criticized Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for having called him a “motherfucker” during a private event. But it turns out Trump has no problem with the underlying curse word involved, because he reportedly kept hurling it at Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a disastrous new meeting.

Donald Trump invited Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to the White House on Friday to discuss his imaginary border wall and his very real government shutdown. Trump is losing this battle on all fronts, and he knows it. How defeated and exasperated is he? Trump launched into a prolonged tirade and ended up hurling the f-word at Pelosi three times, according to the Daily Beast. Trump then realized he was out of line and apologized for cursing so much, according to the Washington Post. This is noteworthy on a few different fronts.

First, Donald Trump really is going off the deep end in frustration. So much for the idea that his increasingly frantic and erratic tweets and public appearances are all part of some act to convince his base that he’s fighting for them and their racist wall; this is a guy who is spiraling out of control. Second, Trump is blowing things strategically; he should have known that by using the f-word in a meeting with the Democratic leadership, it would leak, and he’d look foolish for having criticized Tlaib over the same word.

This can only get worse for Donald Trump. Most Americans don’t want a border wall. Most Americans blame him for the government shutdown. Robert Mueller and the Democratic House are about to blow the lid off his numerous criminal scandals. And he’s so exasperated, he’s lost all self control. Nor does Trump have any control over what happens to him next.