Ted Lieu comes out swinging

One major new poll said today that a whopping 71% of Americans approve of how President Biden is handling the pandemic. That’s a very high number for such a divided nation. It’s also a reminder that achieving popularity isn’t about merely pleasing your own base, but about winning over the people in the middle, who make up a huge chunk of the populace.

This new AP poll also showed that 47% of Republicans approve of how Biden is handling the pandemic, which is remarkable. Congressman Ted Lieu helped spell out why:

Meanwhile, even with half of their own voting base now approving of President Biden’s handling of the pandemic, Republican Party leaders are still clinging to the extraordinarily unpopular Donald Trump. This is because they’re afraid of what will happen if he begins lashing out at them. But it’s also clear that remaining attached to Trump is making the Republicans more nonviable by the day, even with their own voters.

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