Ted Cruz just got caught red handed

With fewer than fifty days until the midterm elections, several Republicans appear more frantic than ever to hold onto their seats in Congress. One such GOP member is Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who had originally been expected to easily win his reelection against his lesser-known Democratic opponent, Beto O’Rourke. However, current polling in the race has gotten so close that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is now considering sending additional campaign money to Cruz, with an NRSC representative stating “they were re-evaluating the resources they were going to put into Texas.”

It appears that Cruz is so desperate to increase his campaign donations, he may have broken the law in a recent scam. Cruz’s campaign sent out hundreds of thousands of mailers requesting donations, but he disguised the letters to resemble legal summons. With many of these fraudulent requests for money going to elderly citizens, many people believe this stunt was an attempt to fool senior citizens into thinking they were required to send money to Cruz’s campaign. One Texas resident fears many elderly individuals could be taken advantage of with this fraudulent plan, stating “My grandmother suffered from some dementia, and could easily have followed the urgent request inside to send money.”

This illegal scam was called out by Democratic Texas state legislator Gene Wu, who was a main sponsor of 2015’s Texas House Bill 1265 which updated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act to prevent citizens from being fooled into similar situations. Wu believes Cruz’s actions clearly violate the bill, which passed unanimously in both houses. “As a member of the government myself, I realize that there’s already enough public distrust of us,” Wu stated. “Every time someone sends out a piece of mail pretending to be part of the government it diminishes people’s views of us and makes it harder to govern.”

As Palmer Report has documented, this is not the first time Cruz’s desperate antics to help his campaign or harm that of O’Rourke have backfired. In recent attack ads, Cruz blatantly lied, saying O’Rourke wanted to legalize heroin. Voters were not fooled by these false claims, and many donated to O’Rourke’s campaign in response, resulting in more than a million dollars in extra campaign cash. At this point, with the race so close, it seems every move Cruz makes is only making the election of O’Rourke that much more realistic.