Donald Trump goes berserk, begins attacking his own GOP ally Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump has yet to lash out at his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort for cutting a plea deal against him. For that matter Trump has yet to lash out at Stormy Daniels for comparing his anatomy to the toad from Mario Kart. For reasons known only to him, Trump appears to be afraid of them both. Instead, Trump appears to be focusing his rage on one of his own close allies: Ron DeSantis, the Republican candidate for Governor of Florida.

Even as Hurricane Florence was preparing to slam the east coast of the United States, Donald Trump began insisting that he’d done a great job dealing with Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. He then took things even further by insisting that the hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico had been faked to make him look bad. This prompted Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott, who are both seeking office as Republican candidates in Florida, to push back against him.

Everyone should have been able to see this coming. Florida already had a sizable Puerto Rican population, and after Hurricane Maria, additional Puerto Ricans ended up relocating to Florida. They’re already U.S. citizens, meaning they’re eligible to vote in November, simply by changing their registration to Florida. No candidate for statewide office in Florida is going to stand a chance in November by going along with Trump’s lie that those three thousand Puerto Ricans didn’t really die. Of course Trump somehow didn’t see it coming, and now he’s fuming.

Donald Trump is now running around the White House telling anyone who will listen that Ron DeSantis is being “profoundly disloyal,” according to Politico. Trump is a lot closer to DeSantis than he is to Scott, so it’s clear that this is personal to Trump. As the walls continue to close in on Trump, he’s arguably more interested in attacking his own people for not being willing to go down with him, than he is in attacking those who are bringing him to justice.

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