Donald Trump throws late night tantrum after Supreme Court says it’s over for him

When the Supreme Court agreed by a 9-0 margin tonight that Donald Trump’s final election case had no merit, and voted by a 7-2 margin to not even hear the case before throwing it out, it meant the end for Trump. He’ll now be gone from office within weeks, and on track for prison and bankruptcy after that.

Five hours after the ruling came down, Palmer Report pointed out at 11:32pm that Trump still hadn’t said anything about it. He had seemingly been stunned into silence. But as if on cue, just five minutes after our article, Trump erupted with his inevitable meltdown.

After posting some incoherent quotes from Fox News, Trump ended up tweeting this: “The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!” Well okay then. Is this a concession speech? Does he know that there’s no further recourse for anyone beyond the Supreme Court? Whatever, it’s over for him.

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