Kayleigh McEnany throws a fit after Supreme Court finishes off Donald Trump

As Donald Trump has utterly humiliated himself with one laughable false claim about the election after another over the past five weeks, plenty of his underlings and allies have given lip service to his antics. But no one has been more prominent in pushing Trump’s election lies than Kayleigh McEnany.

It’s not clear what she thought she was signing on for by completely destroying her reputation with false claims of election fraud and embarrassing streams of lies. But when the Supreme Court finished Trump off on Friday night, it can’t have been the outcome that McEnany was looking for.

So it’s not surprising that Kayleigh McEnany went on Fox News tonight and threw a fit about it:

Now comes the part where Trump’s White House advisers have to look for new jobs. The kicker is that Kayleigh McEnany didn’t just spend a couple years ruining her credibility by lying every day at White House briefings. She then made a point of making sure that she left the worst taste possible in everyone’s mouth on her way out the door. Good luck finding a respectable job after that. She may have even boxed herself out of Fox News hiring territory at this point.

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