Supreme Court ruling stuns Donald Trump into silence and sends him into hiding

It’s now been roughly five hours since the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to throw out Donald Trump’s final election case instead of hearing it, and unanimously agreed 9-0 that the case would have failed even if it had been heard. It is, effectively speaking, the end of Donald Trump. Now he gets ejected from office in six weeks, and faces a life of prison and bankruptcy.

Apparently, the Supreme Court ruling has also marked the end of Trump’s ability to speak or willingness to show his face, at least for the time being. He’s gone silent on Twitter, apart from a video about the coronavirus vaccine that was obviously pre-taped and tweeted by his handlers on his behalf. Trump also bailed on tonight’s White House Christmas Party.

So here we have Donald Trump, fully defeated with nothing left, sitting in stunned silence and refusing to show up to his own party. It’s precisely the kind of tepid sore loser response one would expect from him. By morning he’ll surely have figured out what he wants to whine about. But it’s clear that there’s no real fight left in him, or we’d be hearing from him right now.

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