Donald Trump really is trying to take the Republicans down with him

Donald Trump has spent his entire “presidency” breaking norms. Now that he has lost his reelection bid, he is creating chaos. From pardoning his criminal friends, to lambasting fellow Republicans, to holding up aid to the American people, Trump is making us even happier that he will soon be gone. Recently, his anger has been directed at Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Trump denigrating Brian Kemp is nothing new. He has been doing so since he lost the 2020 election when Kemp refused to break the law for Trump. Recently, he has called for Kemp’s resignation as governor of Georgia. Trump need not worry about Kemp resigning; he is up for reelection in 2022, and given all his bad moves as governor, he will join Trump in the one-termer club. Nonetheless, Washington Post reported that Trump proclaimed Kemp an “obstructionist who refuses to admit that we won Georgia, BIG!” Continuing his lying ways, Trump then claimed: “Also won the other Swing States.” There is so much wrong with Trump that is revealed in his words. From his use of all capitals, capitalizing words that do not need capitalization, and speaking of himself in the third person, he sounds like a lunatic.

Brad Raffensperger, who has tired of Trump’s attacks, took it upon himself to look at a sampling of mail-in ballots from Cobb County. Raffensperger brought in the GBI to help, and after reviewing 15,118 ballot envelopes, they not only found that no fraud occurred but found that only two signatures did not match those voters’ signatures on file with the Secretary of State (one of which was signed by the voter’s wife). This “exercise,” if you will, resulted in a 99.99 percent accuracy rate by election officials who examined signatures. So much for Trump “winning Georgia, BIG!” In response, Trump tweeted that Raffensperger’s “brother works for China, and they definitely don’t want Trump. So disgusting!” No, Trump is disgusting. Besides, the individual in question isn’t Brad Raffensperger’s brother. Further, for those who still refuse to admit that Trump is racist, his main complaint about Raffensperger’s examination is that he did not choose Fulton County, which is predominantly black. Can someone please tell Trump that Biden also carried Cobb? What an idiot.


For his part, Kemp has decided that Trump is “a distraction” as reported by the Gwinnett Post. Kemp’s focus is now on the January 5th runoff. He is also preoccupied with getting COVID vaccinations to nursing homes in Georgia and ensuring that the state has enough hospital beds as the virus continues to spread. Both are more important uses of his time than sparring with Trump. Kemp told reporters: “I’ve supported the president. I worked as hard as anybody in this state for his reelection. But at the end of the day, I have to follow the law and the Constitution,” both of which are utterly foreign to “president” Trump. This is the time when we can and should use the now-famous words of President Elect Biden during the debates: “Would you just shut up, man?”

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