Donald Trump’s lawyer Lin Wood has completely whacked out New Year’s Eve meltdown

Donald Trump is still vaguely pretending he hasn’t lost the election, as he prepares to skip out on his own New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago and head back to Washington DC to obsess over imaginary things he thinks will happen on January 6th.

But if Trump’s behavior is pathetically strange, then the behavior of his election lawyer Lin Wood is outright maniacal in nature. Wood has spent last night and this morning spinning conspiracy theories involving Chief Justice John Roberts and Jeffrey Epstein that are too deranged to even print, before ultimately insisting just now that Epstein is still alive.

We’re not sure at this point if Lin Wood really is this psychologically compromised, or if this is just some kind of calculated act aimed at pleasing the most unhinged of Trump’s remaining supporters. Either way, it’s a reminder of two things. First, Trump’s imaginary effort to “contest” the election has zero connection to reality, and it’s more obvious than ever that it’s not going anywhere. Second, where does Trump find these people?

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