Donald Trump goes up in smoke

Just how lost in a haze of delusional and senile confusion is Donald Trump? He’s now accusing Republican Governor Brian Kemp of conspiring with Stacey Abrams to rig the presidential election against him in Georgia. Meanwhile back in the real world, it would be harder to find two people less likely to want to conspire together than Kemp and Abrams. After all, Kemp rigged his own election against Abrams just two years ago. Trump’s entire mind has gone up in smoke.

– Trump just got blown out by seven million votes. He’s toxically and historically unpopular. Anyone standing next to him now will have zero chance of becoming President in 2024. Only the stupidest of Republican politicians are taking that sucker bait.


– Tweet of the day, from President-elect Joe Biden: “The next few weeks and months are going to be a very tough period for our nation — maybe the toughest of the whole pandemic. But we are going to get through it. Brighter days are coming, but it’s going to take all the grit and determination we have as Americans to do it.”

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