As Trump huddles with his lawyers and the Q-Anon folks’ heads explode with the announcement of Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s tour next December (because how can that be when Trump will be reinstated in August!), we are seeing the beginning of the end of Netanyahu, Putin, and the Trumpian mob era.

With the renewed commitment to NATO’s Article 5 – an attack against one is an attack against all – particularly Putin is running with his tail between his legs. Trump, if he were smart, would be fleeing to Russia to seek asylum from his former buddy. Instead, he’s grifting MAGAts with “celebrity” tours and panhandling for legal fees. The fall of Netanyahu is just another mob domino ready to topple. Netanyahu’s stance that Israel can only be powerful if it can say “no” to the US is spurious. The main export of Israel is diamonds and 21% of its citizens live in poverty which is a higher poverty rate than Mexico. We give them nearly 4 billion in military aid alone. Please tell Netanyahu to take a seat.


This brings us back to Article 5. If the January 6th attack on the US Capitol is an attack against all of our NATO allies, it’s no wonder Putin looked so grim. Additionally, this was a fair warning to those in Congress who may have assisted the insurrection. Not only will you be held criminally liable, you will also be a pariah internationally among our NATO allies. If the Trump administration lawyers are now finding it hard to get jobs, just think what awaits those lawmakers who assisted insurrection in the name of Trump.

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