Donald Trump takes utterly bizarre shot at Mike Bloomberg during coronavirus press conference

Donald Trump once again opened his coronavirus press conference today clearly short of breath, and struggling to finish a sentence. After about a half hour of largely incoherent babbling, he walked out in the middle of his own briefing for the second day in a row. Trump is clearly struggling, and sounds like he’s dying. But he somehow found time to take a bizarre shot at Mike Bloomberg of all people.

When Donald Trump briefly took questions, he called on a reporter and asked who he was with. When the reporter said he was with Bloomberg, Trump said “How’s Michael doing? Good?” It was a clear shot at Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, which ultimately saw Bloomberg dropping out and endorsing Joe Biden.

Trump just can’t help himself. He knows he’s supposed to be up there mimicking a President during this crisis, so he can improve his now-tiny chances of reelection in November. Instead he’s up there taking bizarre and inappropriate shots at his political rivals, because that’s just who he is: a worthless scumbag.

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